Saturday, February 7, 2009

Regular Guy Beanie

This is a simple hat pattern I put together. Plan to make a couple of these, but this is the first with the corresponding pattern.

on head

Available on Ravelry


  1. I increased my CO by 28 because of my guage so my cast on was 112 (which is in increments of 4 sts) If I divide this number of stitches by 6 I get 18 with 4 left oer so how do I just K@tog the last two stitches when I will hae four sts left?

  2. Does this beanie have a folded brim? Hard to tell from the pictures. Thank you.

  3. No folded brim. But great pattern.

  4. Im trying to find a pattern for some with a big head Ive got a 62 cm bonce 24 inches 13⁄32

    1. This pattern was written for a 24" head. Seems like it would work with the measurements you mentioned.

  5. Help! I am a DPN newbie and am confused by the final instructions. After getting to where I have 24 sts left it says "next three rounds decrease every row". But it doesn't say how many decreases should be made each row. I don't understand how I can go from 24 sts down to the final 6 as described in the last step. Thanks for any suggestions you can give. (PS - Also, I'm finding it really hard to continue working with 4 needles when there are so few stitches on each. Should I drop down to 3?)

  6. very confusing,not written the pattern properly.